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  1. My laptop computer crashed with Brave Browser saved passwords. I won’t be able to access my old messages if I change the password. The passwords are saved to the device on Brave Browser.
    How can I access the old Brave Browser? Is it saved somewhere? Please advise me with help getting it done. Thanks!

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
So your old computer crashed – does this mean you cannot access any of the data that was on it? If so, there’s no way for you to retrieve your passwords as we cannot access the data.

Hi and thanks, the repair guy told me that he would be able to salvage the data or load it into another computer….does that help at tall?

So what you will want to do, once you have that data, is get your old browser profile folder. To be safe, I would grab the entire Brave-browser folder and move it somewhere safe. From there you will be able to find and export your passwords.

The Brave-browser folder can be found on your old macOS device by going to

~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser

The easiest way from here would be to, on your new computer (assuming it’s also macOS), install Brave, go to the same directory listed above and paste/replace the newly installed Brave-browser folder, with the old one you copied from your old machine. Now, when you open Brave next, it should load with all your profile data in it.

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