Need to retrieve saved passwords from brave files on a different drive

I recently had to upgrade my internal storage device. My problem is I need to retrieve my passwords from the brave browser on the previous storage device , and the only solutions ive found all rely on still having access to that browser on a different PC.

Is there a way (perhaps a file i can simply copy and paste into my new folders) that will allow me to retrieve my old saved passwords? Ty for your time

@kuyatristan your best situation would have been you doing an import/export of your saved passwords. Second best solution would be to have synced the device with a secondary device, like your phone.

Doing a copy/paste of folders containing passwords can be a bit trickier as they are bound to the OS keyring and encrypted. Often when people change details, the encryption changes as well. So when you go to paste over, you won’t be able to see the passwords.

If you have the same exact device, username, and password there’s a possibility it will work. If it does, then all you’d need to do is copy/paste over your User Data folder within your profile path.

Thanks for the reply!
Where / what folder would you usually find the user data folder?

@kuyatristan inside your \brave-browser folder. Obviously that’s located in different locations depending on if you’re on Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. Unfortunately you posted without sharing much info. Usually always good to try to give as many details on browser, OS, etc as you can.

On Windows, would be something like: C:\Users\saoir\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default, with the saoir being where your username would be.

If you have Brave installed, you can go to brave://version and look where Profile Path is, which is what you’d essentially be looking for. I used to always tell people to copy/paste the entire Brave-Browser folders, but supposedly all you need is the User Data portion. Again though, keep in mind what I said about encryption and how it may not let you get access to the passwords if anything in your OS keyring changed.

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