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I need to transfer my profile to another computer. On the paper it looks simple, in fact it never works, extensions and passwords are never copied.

I installed fresh Brave (same version than the “old” one. Copied my old “user data” folder instead of the new one. Settings are here, bookmarks are here, but extensions are replaced by the default one, and passwords are gone.

I know there is the “export” functions for passwords, and even the “synchro” options. But synchro cannot be used for now as my old computer is in another city and turned off :slight_smile: Anyway I would like to understand what is going bad, as I simply cannot understand; copying ALL files of the profile should, in theory, do the job…

Thank you!

I have not properly looked into it or done such stuff, but it may be encrypting your password on device level for security as said in the linked threads.

You can try brave sync. For it, you do need second device (it can be off). Just put your data from your first computer to brave servers. Then on the second device (when you move to the city), open sync, type the 24 words, connect to the brave servers, and get the data back from brave server to your second device.
No need of two devices at the same time, as you think.

Passwords are encrypted. By doing the copy/past of folders, they still won’t show. Passwords only officially transfer by using a Sync code or via export if you’re on a desktop.

As to the extensions and your BAT in the browser, the way it works is you’d need to have saved your \brave-browser folder from your prior device. Then you’d have to install Brave on your new device, but make sure never to open it. Then you’d go into your \brave-browser folder on your fresh install and you’d replace it all with the `brave-browser folder from your prior.

If you didn’t backup the right files or have a sync code, then there’s no way for you to be able to recover it necessarily. And, as chh_68 mentioned, you don’t need your old device to be near you or turned on. The only thing you need is the sync code. Yet I’m guessing you’re saying you don’t have that and there are no other devices, such as a phone, that you use Brave on and had synced, right?

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