Import passwords from old computer

I had Brave installed on a 2018 Macbook Air. Said laptop stopped charging, so I yanked the SSD out and put it in a USB-C enclosure to access externally on my new Pro.

I had not set up Sync, and I was not able to export my bookmarks and passwords before the Air died. When I launch Brave from the Applications folder on the old Air SSD, it just opens the browser on my Pro.

Is there a location on the Air SSD where my bookmarks and passwords are located?

Operating System and Brave Version:

2018 Air = High Sierra 10.13.4 and Brave Version

2022 Pro = Monterey 12.3.1 and Brave Version 1.38.115

Thanks so much!

Is the Air SSD opening the version of Brave that was installed on your old laptop or is it opening the new instance of Brave?

It is opening the new instance of Brave.

If you have it saved, can you try (on your old SSD) going to ~/Library/Application Support/Brave-Browser and copying this folder. Then go to your new Macbook pro HDD, visit the same directory, then copy/paste/replace the Brave-Browser folder there with the one copied from your old ssd? Ensure that the browser is closed when performing this.

Then launch Brave from your new MBP and check to see if your information is there.

There is no such folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ on the old SSD.

Old SSD = High Sierra 10.13.4
Old Brave = 1.37.109

Might the location be different for that OS or that version of Brave?

Sorry for the late response here as I’ve been on PTO.

No the folder should still be in the same place. Can you tell me what Brave data you do have that is on the old SSD?

Found it. For me the path was Air/Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser.

I replaced the folder and opened Brave. None of the passwords got saved. However I now have all my old bookmarks. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Yeah now that I think about it I think Apple removed the ability to migrate passwords stored on the Keychain. There might be some 3rd party tools that can do this for you, although I wouldn’t recommend that route.

Not super sure what else to do here. You can try and boot your mac from the old SSD then install Brave, export passwords (Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords --> Export) and save it to the SSD. Then change the boot option back to your new Macbook’s main HDD/SSD and import that way.

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