Updating Brave on OSX with Saved Passwords

I managed to let Brave 0.27.3 manage my passwords for many sites on OSX Mojave.

As I tried to export them for the new version of Brave I couldnt find any under Settings-Saved-Passwords.

So when I install the new Brave, there is no way for me to take the saved passwords from the old version.

Thats why I am stuck with the old version of brave?

Can I copy over some file inside the programm from old to new with the saved passwords?

How come I cant find any of the stored under Saved Passwords? There have to be many as brave is my default browser and I stored them inside Brave.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @drendero,

You can import your browser data from previous Brave. Go to brave://settings/importData and choose Brave (old) from the dropdown and check the password option.


thanks eljuno,

but that didnt solve the problem.

On all my sites are the logins and saved passwords now missing. I wonder
how saving my passwords inside brave might be of any use as they are
gone after you upgrade to the newest version.

we are not amused…:-/

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