Password managers not working on one specific site with Windows 11, works with Windows 10

My wife has Windows 11 and has both the Bitwarden & LastPass password managers installed with their browser extensions on her Brave Browser. Both work great on all her sites except on one specific website - Canadian Tire Mastercard, at:

On my laptop I have no trouble with login at the above URL. I have Windows 10 and we have exactly the same setup - i.e. Brave Browser with identical settings, same set of browser extensions, same URL for Canadian Tire Mastercard.

The only difference is our version of Windows. (note: her problem persists even with the Shields off, mine works just fine with the Shields on).

She tried using Chrome and has the same problem. For some weird reason she has no issue when using The Edge.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this and how to resolve this issue?

Our Brave version: Version 1.45.127 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Seems to be a problem with Chromium Browsers on Windows 11. Saying so cause you say it doesn’t work in Chrome either.

Thanks for your input SmartyAadi. Further testing revealed the following:
We find that as soon as the Canadian Tire Mastercard URL is launched it takes approx. 15 seconds until the “Page not responsive” message pops-up and then a further 15 seconds or so until our password manger (Bitwarden) auto-fills the login. We found that if we just sit and wait (not even clicking “wait” on the pop-up message) for about 30 seconds, then all is good to go. From this we concluded that the site is very heavy on the script thus being quite slow to load. Not sure why it loads and auto-fills much faster on my Windows 10 as opposed to Windows 11, but at least we can login after about 30 seconds.

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Okay thanks for the update!

Can you subscribe to Easylist Cookie in brave://adblock for both users of ctfs and Canadian Tire ? then refresh the pages

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