Password Manager extension not working

Description of the issue: Password Manager extension was working properly before, but recently it has stopped working entirely. I do not have any extensions except for the dark reader and in-built crypto wallet (the one similar to metamask). So, I removed it from brave and downloaded it again from chrome web store, it started working properly for a few days but now it is not working. Problems were like I could not auto-fill, cannot sync, cannot create new logins etc. I thought the problem was bcuz of password manager itself but not due browser, but re-installing gave me the same problem and there were posts like users real metamask wallet not working with recent update, so I thought manager might be not at fault but the problem might be due to the browser. The password manager is working fine on my other devices.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Get a password manager extension, use it for few days, it will stop working properly.
  2. Issue might only on my browser and thus cannot be replicated

Expected result: Password manager does not work properly.

Brave Version( check About Brave) Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: If the problem is not due to browser, I will be contacting with the password manager support to solve it.

Which password manager are you using? I have accounts for Lastpass, Bitwarden and 1password. I would try logging out of the extension and then re-login. @chh_68

Bitwarden Password Manager, also I think the problem might be only with my browser so it will hard to replicate as I havent seen other users report such problem.

My use of Brave dates back to the Muon version and I’ve used Bitwarden — with no problems — since late 2017. As you say in your comment “… I havent seen other users report such problem.”

Perhaps there’s a conflict with another installed extention?

Does it allow you to login into Bitwarden? and what error message do you see?

Yeah, I was also using brave for quite a while along with bitwarden but never had any problem, I don’t know why exactly it is happening. No I don’t think there is any conflict with other extensions as mentioned in my post, the other two extensions are in-built cypto wallet and dark reader which were both turned off while using bitwarden as I usually give permissions to work on certain sites only. So, if i have to use dark reader on wikipedia then I will give permission to that site only.
Also, the gecko based tor browser from tor foundation is also not working i.e., it crashes or does not open entirely, I have scanned my laptop for many times with two different anti-virus and anti-malware to see if there is some malware problem but there is nothing of those sort. What do you think may be happening.

Yes, it allows to login in bitwarden but does not auto-fill, save new logins and does not sync.
Also the gecko based tor browser from tor foundation is also not working and not opening either, see my comment to other user on this post. Help needed to figure it out what exactly is happening.

I have seen similar issues, sometimes Bitwarden will autofill other times it won’t. It’ll wait for the page to load before it’ll autofill.

From my own experience, I really can’t suggest anything. The guidance you’re getting from @fanboynz is similar to what occurs to me. Good luck.

Update:- I redownloaded the password manager and it is working fine till writing this update, will look if it starts acting rogue again.
I am still unable to solve the gecko based tor browser problem after uninstalling and installing it.

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