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Hi there,

I am very new to using the Brave browser - only a few days. Can anyome help me with a query, please ?

I am attempting to use my ‘Dashlane Password Manager’ within Brave on my desktop,
How can I allow Brave access to this password manager in order to autoload the websites associated with the stored password manager from within Brave? Do I need to Whitelist the password manager, or some function like that ?

This facility to launch websites using Dashlane is available when I used Firefox.

Any help with this would be great, many thanks.

Hi, and welcome, @briann. If you’ve installed the Chrome extension for Dashlane, it should work. I use LastPass all the time. Here’s a shortcut to the extension for convenience if you don’t have it installed, yet:

If you have it installed and it still won’t work as expected, that’s another thing and let us know.

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Thanks for getting back to me with your reply. I am still learning about the ins and outs of how all of this works. Can I ask an innocent question ?

Am I incorrect in saying that I don’t need the Chrome browser… because I am using the Brave browser ? I (already) have Dashlane Password Manager installed as an extension within my Brave browser.

Please see the x2 (two) attached Screengrab images: Brave_01.JPG. / Brave_02.JPG

Not certain if I will need to follow-up with any additional instruction for a correct setup ?

Thanks again for you time. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s correct. Brave is based on the same code as Chrome (Chromium), so it can use Chrome extensions and sometimes will show chrome:// in the address bar for settings panes and such instead of brave://. From your screenshots, it looks like you should be ready to go. I installed it to see what’s involved. When you installed it, did it take you to the Dashlane login page?

I created an account and got this:

and when I click its icon I get this:

Clicking the three vertical dots in that last screen gave me this:

and it suggests that having the desktop app installed will boost features. This is true with 1Password, too, maybe others.

Is that the experience you’ve had so far?

Also, now when I log into a site, I get this prompt (expected):

@briann also, this one may help Dashlane extension will not sync with Desktop application

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