My Password Manager no longer works properly in Brave

I was an early adopter of Brave and my password manager (LastPass) has worked perfectly until recently. LastPass support are unwilling to help because they say that Brave is NOT supported! So I thought you should know that I have reverted to Chrome with the DuckDuckGo extension. Sorry!

I would like to report the same issue and frankly suspect that many Brave and Lastpass users are experiencing the same.
I have logged a support ticket with Lastpass but doubt much will come of it. Currently I am using the LastPass Chromium Ext which I assume is the correct one as Brave is Chromium based I believe, However after updates late last year with Brave the functionality of entering and populating login fields stopped working as it did previously.
Unsure who is responsible for repairing this functionality. But it is broken and needs to be looked at.
Your attention to this would be appreciated.

Oddly enough, having reported this matter to Brave and Lastpass, within a couple of weeks of doing so, the problem righted itself, so someone, somewhere has done something! And Brave and Lastpass have continued to interact as designed since.

Thanks for that updated info Mike. For me nothing has improved unfortunately. I tried to re-download the latest v4.95 installer from Lastpass site, but this won’t even run. Instead I get a pop up stating a newer version (4.96) is already installed. Go figure.
Another anomaly seems to be that the Brave (Chrome) extension is labelled LastPass Free Password Manager Ext. when I use Lastpass Premium Paid as far as I know for over 5 years.
Is there a difference?? Again go figure.

Hi Tinker
I’m also using Lastpass Premium. When you install the LP extension, you are essentially installing LP Free and then the first time you use LP and it connects to the server, you should be recognised as a Premium user. If you click on the extension icon and then on “Open My Vault” in the top right corner of the window, below your email address, it should read “Premium User”. I didn’t do anything, other than to update my bookmarks from Brave to Chrome, with the intention of reverting to Chrome, and then a few days later, I noticed that LP and Brave were interacting properly, so I stuck with Brave and everything has been OK since. Hope that helps.

Again Hi Mike,
If memory serves that is what I also did, but some time ago and everything worked just fine. And than a few months ago thing were derailed.
As an example for instance, when everything worked, I would pop up a webpage and if a login was required the user and password fields would auto fill (as long as that site exists in the fault) and all I have to do is click OK.
Now, with for example this Forum login, it opens and the user is already filled but the password remains empty. I have to click the LP icon, drop down appears and there I select Fill. Than click OK.
But this behaviour is inconsistent between sites. Some won’t populate at all and others the drop down Fill doesn’t even function and I have to right click, find LP and use copy and paste function, separately for user and password fields. ie. a lot of clicking and moving through menus. One particular site nothing works and the only way in is with copy and paste from the LP Desktop records.

Sorry to be so long winded about this. Hopefully a back office support tech may also read this maybe.

So my next thinking is to uninstall LP completely and start again. However, 1) how to make sure everything is removed. I read that with Chrome you should search in various places to check for correct removal of ‘hidden’ entries. But so far I have not found where Brave stores its data etc. Not like Chrome anyways.
And 2) What are the risks that years of building up my Fault data also gets messed up or destroyed? My number of passwords on LP run into several hundreds.

So, again sorry for the lengthy reply, but unless you know of a sound alternative I may have to wait for an eventual response from Support for whom I did an extensive ScreenCapture video.
Here’s hoping.

Hi Tinker
Some sites do not autofill for me either and I have to click on the LP extension icon and select fill, which is no hardship, but I have never had to resort to copying and pasting from my Vault. I have discovered that those sites that do not autofill for me, originally required additional authentication (Captcha – select all photos containing a bicycle) and some still do so, for which autofill does not work. Occasionally, I have been known to delete a Vault entry (having first noted the username and password), visit the site and start again. It usually works to force autofill but, sadly, not every time.

I also have several hundreds of passwords and perhaps I am over cautious, but I maintain a backup of my Vault in an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve done so manually from first becoming a LP user, but if you would like to to do this retrospectively, you can export your Vault as a CSV file (Account Options > Advanced > Export > LP CSV File) which can then be imported into Excel. This CSV file can then be re-imported back into LP if required.

I use ESET security products and their top of the range product now includes a password manager and I have seriously considered ditching LP and moving across to the ESET product, but whilst ever LP continues to work (sort of) for me, I will stick with it for the time being.

I do hope that get the problem sorted in due course. If you do so, please post back here with the solution.
Best wishes

@TinkerNZ , @SkyRider

“behaviour is inconsistent between sites. Some won’t populate at all and others the drop down Fill doesn’t even function and I have to right click, find LP and use copy and paste function, separately for user and password fields”

That is the behavior that I expect.

Because there are many differences among Sign In procedures of websites - from the point of view, of websites.

And, websites are more often changing the procedures - from the point of view, of websites.

Password Managers (aka Password Wallets) try to keep up with the changes.

Visitors point of view is relatively simple:

  • username
  • password
  • possibly an authorization code
  • possibly a few answers to security questions

All of that, is only a portion of the information that many websites are now gathering from you, in order to permit your access.

The greater portion of information gathered about you - from you:

  • your user interface behavior
  • your computing device hardware details
  • your computing device software details
  • your computing device (anything that the website’s grasping , hacking, intrusions, pinging, polling, and snooping) can get away with pirating

. . . is what most visitors do not see.

Yet a Password Manager needs to discover, learn about, re-learn about and try to keep up-to-date with, in order to provide yet another customized auto-fill Sign In fix.

What websites are doing, that visitors do not see, has become a ‘great unknown’:

  • that students of Brave Browser can learn about,

  • but many websites can rely upon, given how many visitors want convenience.

Thank you @289wk ,
Understand what you are saying, particularly the ’ greater portion of information gathered’ .
That is precisely why Brave is now being used by millions of users, isn’t it? Apart from pirating by users (which I do not condone) most of the other information mining I don’t agree with at all.
Obviously Brave has and is continuing to evolve to block those attempts from web pages, however the LP extension (which is not specific to Brave) needs to be created for the Brave browser. Just like there are different extensions for Edge, Chrome and Firefox etc.
I guess that is down to LP to create using the open source platform made available by Brave.



‘precisely why Brave is now being used by millions of users’

Sums up what I was trying to say:

‘information mining’

. . . that (as you said) ‘I don’t agree with at all.’