Opening Password Manager crashes browser in Win 11

Every time I try to open the password manager Brave crashes.
I tried clearing all cookies and the cache but still no good.
I did a fresh install and deleted everything but it still crashes.
I also installed Chrome and it does the same thing but I can access the password manager in my other chromium based browser (Edge).
I am unsure of what else I can do

@kbfbem this isn’t happening for me. Can you advise how you’re navigating to password manager?

Makes it sound like you have something blocking and/or force closing on your device. Either that, or you have something unique going on with your device that seems to be chromium related.

Are there any crash reports at brave://crashes? If so, copy/paste those here.

If it says Send Now, you will need to click that first and exit Brave for like 10-30 seconds. Then return to brave://crashes. The information you need to share from brave://crashes is Uploaded Crash Report ID. Anything else is not helpful, just the Uploaded Crash Report ID.

Thanks for responding.
The ID is 56111900-14aa-f80a-0000-000000000000.

I have navigated to Password Manager by:

  1. Settings → Autofill & Passwords-> Password Manager
  2. brave://password-manager/
  3. brave://password-manager/settings
  4. brave://password-manager/passwords
    All result in a crash

This is on a computer that was out of the box 2 weeks ago.
Everything is working fine on my old computer.


Thanks. I’ll tag in @Evan123 @Mattches to see if either can pass that along and see if they can figure out what might be happening.

Taking a look right now — thanks for reporting. Is this the only crash that appears on the brave://crashes page?

There were multiple but all seemed to be the same thing. Here are more IDs


Thank you for the info. Still waiting to hear back but hope to have more information for you soon. Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

I had Adobe Acrobat extension installed but I removed it and still have the issue.

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