Paid for VPN, brave won’t let me use it

Please provide us with the following information

iPhone 12 Pro


VPN was working once I paid for it and today it’s asking me to pay for it again after giving me an error message when I tried to switch locations.

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Thank you for reaching out to us. Let me reach out to the relevant team members and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

Just to confirm, you’ve already paid for the service and shouldn’t need to pay again yet, is that correct? Additionally, can you tell me what the error message said prior to this issue? And lastly, it was asking you to subscribe again, correct?

It said the action couldn’t be completed. And I’ve checked my bank account and the money has been taken out for the payment. And apple says my subscription is active.

And it’s telling me to “restore when I try to turn the vpn on.

I think it was a glitch because now it working. :woman_shrugging:
And I replied to this message online. With screen shots of the issue.

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Hello! Glad to hear you are now able to connect successfully. If you ever seen the subscription options pop up while you have an active subscription, please be sure to tap on the “Restore” at the top right of that image as you show in the screenshot. That should resolve this sort of issue for you. We hope you continue to enjoy Brave Firewall + VPN.