Brave VPN thinks i have no subscription

On macOS-Latest, cannot switch VPN on it asks me to subscribe (i already am!!!)

I go through the “already purchased VPN?” link, login, click “refresh VPN”, and it still doesnt work. Now i get the " Too many recovery attempts" message so i cannot use the VPN!

I need the VPN for work. this is not the first time it has happened. Please take this seriously, we are paying you money each month for what is essentially a broken service.

Hi @57u - have you submitted a ticket to our Support form already? If not, please so that we can work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible -

Thank you.

I’ve already put support ticket in, and last month too when the same thing happened. It’s essentially a big in your system that happens on renewal day, you are not calculating the date/time correctly, and it thinks our subscription is not active. Annoying. I have already found another provider for my VPN. Shame, because I liked the fact it’s built in to brave browser.

Thanks @57u, can you share your ticket #?

It doesn’t matter anymore, I am now using another VPN provider. The brave vpn has been troublesome every month, so I moved on.

Focus on fixing the bugs, otherwise you wil lose other customers too.