Cannot get VPN to Refresh + Charged Twice

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): Laptop (PC)

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): N/A, but I’m on Windows 10.

Detailed description of the behavior:

For some reason starting last night my Brave VPN would not refresh even after logging into my brave account. First it acted like it didn’t have correct payment info, which could have been a possibility since my bank changed debit cards on me recently.

Put in that info hoping that would clear it up, only to find after I put it in that I was immediately charged, even though I have already paid for this month.

I have tried clearing the cache and then logging in, only to be told that I have tried too many times to refresh the VPN and now I’m barred for 24 hours?!?! Incredibly frustrating. Can anyone help me resolve this problem? I’ve already sent in an email ticket to support and a seperate email about the payment issue. :frowning:

For any Brave staff, my invoice/recipt #s are:
Invoice number 39BCE787-0007
Receipt number 2689-9293

Invoice number 70D318BF-0001
Receipt number 2991-3644

Hi @texsart, I’m incredibly sorry that you’re in this position, I know how frustrating this must be. I see the ticket that you submitted this morning and will reply directly there as I investigate your issue.

Appreciate it. I’ve have zero trouble with Brave aside from this ONE issue so I appreciate the help. It’s my favorite browser by far.

Hi Steeven !
I had the exact same thing happening to me few days ago.
I have submitted two Ticket and did not get an answer yet.

Also I tried multiple time in the past few month to connect my phone to the Brave VPN and it is not working.

Can you please Help me.
Thank you.