Firewall + VPN not Working for iOS devices

Did Brave drop its Firewall + VPN support? I have an iPhone and iPad. Brave Firewall + VPN is configured as an option in the VPN configuration section of settings. Indeed, I’ve used it before. But, now it simply will not work. If I attempt to activate it within settings on an iPhone, the toggle “on” slider simply reverts to “off” after a second. If I attempt to activate it within the Brave mobile browser, it just hangs (spinning gear in perpetuity). My subscription was paid for a year, but it’s possible this lapsed. Candidly, I don’t even know where I would go to check that. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Laramie! Thank you for your inquiry and yes we still have Firewall + VPN support.

First, to address your ability to turn on the Brave Firewall + VPN, please open the Brave app and navigate to Brave Settings > Brave Firewall + VPN and then select Change Location. Please choose a location and then try to connect from the browser. Please let me know if you are able to connect now. You can also send us an email with additional questions at

Secondly, you can always check your subscription status from your device by opening device settings > tapping on your account on the top and then selecting subscriptions. On this page you will see your active and expired subscriptions and when they renew. This part is all managed by Apple.

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Thanks, Shannon. The subscription verification worked. I’m still subscribed to the annual plan. Thanks for showing me how to check that.

But, I’m afraid I’ve messed things up a bit further. After posting the initial support request, I followed what the browser’s error code suggested. I deleted the VPN profile for Brave Firewall + VPN, with the intention of trying to re-install it. Now, when I use Brave to attempt to re-install a VPN profile, I get the same iOS error: “There was a problem initializing the VPN. Please try again or try resetting configuration in the VPN settings page.”

I could do the latter, but I would need the details for Brave. Haven’t seen them on the web. Any further help? Thanks, Tom

Hello Tom,

If you are receiving an error message when attempting to connect the Firewall + VPN through Brave, as a last resort, please try deleting the Brave Browser app on your device and then reinstall.

You should not have to toggle or change any settings in your device settings. Your subscription will not be affected upon reinstalling the Brave app on your device and you should be able to connect right away.

If you see the pop up with the subscription options, please tap on “Restore” in the upper right corner to activate your subscription.

Thank you! Shannon

Thank you, Shannon. Deleting and reinstalling, then clicking Restore fixed everything. Thank you so much for staying on this through to resolution. I appreciate it!

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