Pages not loading in Brave

I was using brave and randomly my pages stopped loading and served basic HTML font. (Youtube thumbnails just show grey) I thought it was just my internet but chrome is working just fine.

Check Brave not loading pages and CSS correctly

“EasyList Cookie” turn it off in settings, this is a temporary fix apparently.

Looks like disablingTrackers & ads blocking worked. Thanks!

Yep. That’s what I discovered as well. Settings → Shields-> Trackers & Ad Blocking. The Brave techs flipped the wrong switch.

is this an alternative fix vs disabling shields? can you expand? (not sure how to find the easylist cookie option in settings…)

Brave’s shield is managed on their servers. Someone made a change a few moments ago that messed things up. I’m sure they’re aware and will have things corrected shortly. For now, disable Trackers & Ad Blocking. Just be a little bit more vigilant about the sites you visit and expect a load of ads.

Yes, well, just try reinstalling the browser again, its apparently working without that option again. Meaning the problem must have been solved. Honestly, the easy line list, was supposed to be in the shields tab under settings, and filter lists. But my browser is working again with easy list enabled.

It was fixed now. Deactivating and activating the Easylist Cookie list once is sufficient.

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Please try to Search Before Posting in the future. There were a lot of people creating topics all on this same issue.

And just FYI, this was due to an adblock filter. It was resolved fairly quickly. You shouldn’t be having issues. If you are, go update everything at brave://components

Anyway, thanks for sharing and hopefully it’s all resolved for you. (^_^)

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