Brave not loading pages and CSS correctly

Today randomly brave stopped loading CSS and i have no idea why.

i was browsing and suddenly it just stopped loading CSS, even other open tabs when refreshing them it would not load it anymore.

It also won’t load some pages like brave forums or even just the activation email to activate brave account.

I tried incognito mode and it wont load CSS either…

For exemple on youtube it seem to load some of the CSS but shows “not connected to internet” when i’m obviously connected… I have no trouble on other browser

Any tips ?


Same, I noticed that the cause is “Brave Shield” you can either disable it per site basis or from Settings brave://settings/?search=shield I had to disable “Trackers & ads blocking”

They probably pushed some broken update that messed up things.


Yep i was triffling through parameters and disabling the ad blocker fixed it for now.

Prolly a broken update indeed, hope they fix it soon.

That worked for me, thanks.

I wasted some time reinstalling Brave, resetting/deleting configs, going through settings to make sure JS was enabled (it was) even though webpages were telling me it wasn’t. Finally decided to see if someone else had this issue, and here we are. The price we pay for convenience once in a while I guess.

Yeah it’s the first time i have troubles with brave in years, and now that the brave shield is disabled i can notice how longer websites take to load than before, lot of time saved over the years :smiley:


Seem like they pushed a fix, just re-enabled shield ad protection and sites load correctly now


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