Brave shield Killed The Web

Description of the issue: Brave Shield preventing every single webpage from displaying as of the last 30 mins.

How can this issue be reproduced? Just launch any web page. Won’t display correct or at all. Then disable shield for anyone of the pages, and voila it works fine.

Expected result: Expect Shield to not destroy the internet

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.61.114



Apparently turning off “EasyList Cookie” in the content filter lists in the settings fixes it, it has for me. Weird. Once you do that, shields will work fine again.

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Disabling EasyList Cookie is not a fix. This is one of the default lists in the browser. There is hopefully a way to report the issue to EasyList and have them back out a recent change to the list. This just started affecting me as well.

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I never tried it myself, but people in the thread I took this from claimed it worked. for at least keeping the shields up. Since it will display properly if the shields are turned off as well. Beyond that, there is no other known work around until the devs fix it.

Has anyone tried turning it off and back on?

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For me, the problem started first on Android, but on PC (Windows), it was normal. After a few minutes, it started to appear in the Windows version as well.

Disabling EasyList Cookie did the trick. It’s not exactly a fix, but a workaround for now.

I just uninstalled it, and reinstalled it from the site again, and it seems to be working properly without tampering with the settings. I think it has been noticed and fixed by easyline or brave themselves.

My apology friends. I just noticed I wrote a curse word instead of the word shields. I’ll fix it now if it let me edit. Sorry
~ Jo

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I had this problem too, dad said it was a stealth update that required a restart from brave. I want to update my browser while I’m not doing anything else, not when brave breaks.

Another thing broken on this browser now is Instagram login. If IG needs to send you a security code it will never send it. Confirmed works fine on Vivaldi, Firefox, and Yandex. Turned off addons, cleared cache which is why I need a code now, and also disabled the brave shield. IG will not send the code if using Brave. smh

Was there any official announcement from Brave explaining what went wrong?

Yes. And it was addressed in many places.

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