Other topics other than complaining about Brave

So I have seen this asked before. Is Brave community just for complaining about what doesn’t work on Brave? For instance, I am a guitarist. I like talking about guitars, guitar playing techniques, guitar practice, building guitars, etc.

Is there anything thing wrong with starting up a topic not related to how Brave works, or how to transfer BAT, or problems with your uphold wallet and Brave. Surely there is more to the members of this community than techno crypto geekiness. Don’t get me wrong geek is good. Some of us just have more areas we ar geeky in. Some like to horseback ride, some love the great outdoors, some love competition archery.

My point is let’s start other topics we can gain knowledge in from each other besides how Brave operates. We have plenty of categories covering how to do something with Brave.

Anyway, just my 2 cents worth.

Oh and have a terrific day


We have a life. For most people having to sort through this stiff is like having and anal lesion.

Obviously youre not a real person whos having issues with a browser or you would NEVER think hanging out here is just “fun”. Fun is canoeing. Sitting on my butt typing about canoeing is not fun especially when Im being prevented from real life by horrible browsers, etc. Every darn app hardly works. We are not AI. Although you drool at the prospect of making us your slaves at the moment we are still somewhat free. People hate you. You hate people.

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Btw can this forum be a little more buggy? It isnt nearly awkward and confusing enough

That’s Reddit.com/r/BATProject and Reddit.com/r/Brave_Browser, where you can talk about your :gem::raised_hands::rocket::full_moon:, HODLing BAT, praise Brave Search, post BAT crypto waifus, complain about Firefox & Google, and shutdown all Reddit threads for BAT support.

Here in this forum is where support threads ought to come to roost and die.

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