Lifetime Link Cap

I have been an avid Brave supporter for almost 2 years now and have influenced hundreds of people to install the Brave browser including a few companies I work for setting it as the default. I just came across the Brave lifetime cap nonsense when I upgraded my primary desktop. I don’t know how such a ridiculous idea would even make it out of the planning stages let along into a production product. If I were the CTO there would be a swift reassignment of duties for whatever manager of mine approved such a decision. “4” devices, FOUR? How does that make an sense whatsoever at all. Then just a vaporware promise of fixing it in the future? That should have been fixed in beta.

I dealt with the fact Brave is MUCH slower than most of the other browsers and the issues with Shields breaking a ton of websites before manually intervening and running uBlock Origin for the sites that Shields breaks. I let all the issues with BAT disappearing and reappearing and being awarded randomly slide. I didn’t even care that Uphold was the only exchange option when they are known to be a less than ideal exchange. Allowing users to just send their earnings to any wallet they want to use that accepts BAT would have been easy to implement. I was glad you partnered with Gemini who at least is one of the better lower-tier exchanges. But this lifetime cap is the decision that convinces me you have some decision making issues in your development departments or upper management is crippling the browser for some internal gains. It would be so easy for Brave to fix these issues but they don’t so this is when I move on. Almost any browser can be secured and you can run IPFS locally, use any wallet you want and earn crypto hundreds of ways. The gimmick that was Brave has run it’s course.

I will say I am very impressed with the Brave Search and will continue to use it. If Brave removes some of the nonsensical decisions that cripple the browers usefulness I would be willing to give it another try in the future. Don’t market something as being in the end users best interest when there are major pieces in Brave’s best interests instead.

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almost everyone facing same issue and they only say we have solution on the way XD