We need answer (any one has issue with brave bat add comment and link to his/her post )

many has issue with brave wallet and bat and you asked for DM with info and we did and now no one response

so at least say something ignore is not nice even say we receive your msg we working on it we will solve it after day week month year but at least say something

Well past days i reported a user thread because he was not listening on user comments trying to explain the “month issue”.

As for today i receive a reply from one of the moderators related to the topic of that thread (I’m not receiving ads), as i understand, yes they now there is an issue and they are working on it.

thanks @ambrocioisaias2808 and i do not mind that issue and bug exist cause the tons of factor that can cause it but i was only asking that when i dm someone from the stuff they at least response not by saying the solution is … but at least let us now what is going on so even tell us we working on it or it will take week days or even months to be solved but ignoring is not nice

i hope you got my point now and thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Yes, no problem. Thanks to you

Thank you @ambrocioisaias2808 for your assistance and @justsomeone1 for your patience!