Brave is buggy and support is not helpful

I was using brave for almost a year, during that time I lost BAT at least 3 times.

On last time that I lost BAT I decided to open a topic here in this forum, I opened it on April 14th.
I gave all the requested information and nothing was solved and the topic set as unlisted.

I know software has bugs, but brave has a lot, and when those bugs occur brave support is not helpful.

People get their topics ignored, unlisted or closed. When they are lucky they receive a reply with “send me the details by DM” and then that DM gets ignored.

I think the idea behind brave is nice but not that well executed.


Today i also get lost 28 BAT and no response from community support.Brave has no email and only method for rising issue is this but they are not helping.


@steeven look into this matter

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i am in the same boat with you each time i try to recover the wallet the claimed bat is gone but the unclaimed is still there so there are issue related to the wallet and i hope they figure out the issue soon and have a nice day

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Hi @Mandrake6 - thank your for taking the time to write in (again). I assure you that we are here to help. We are a tiny team supporting a user base of 15 million +. I’d like to help sold your issue. Do you have a link handy to your original report and I can review from there. Thank you.


i think he ment that post

it’s his oldest one


I agree. My support experience has definitely been less-than-satisfactory. I lost a bit over 20 USD in BAT recently and it sucks that posting to the forums is the only way to get support. No phone number or email address that I can find and their actual support website only has FAQ and such and will direct you to the forums.


What about my problem?


Hi @steeven,

It’s exactly the post that @justsomeone1 gave.

Here’s the link again:


How can someone become part of your team ? So you can grew up little bit and get more solved problems?


that make my day :joy: :joy: :joy:
nice one @shameonyou


I’ve sent a DM got a reply asking for screenshot then I came back to it a week later and the message doesn’t exist anymore…

@steeven sure I know how it is with working in a “small team” as I’ve worked for a £70m annual revenue e-commerce business as a sole developer for like 1.5 year


I gave up and not using it anymore.


Thank you all for your patience. We have been experiencing issues with the forum the past 8 days and have just updated. I assure you that we are here to help. If you have sent a DM with your info, please bump the DM and I will answer it as quickly as I’m able.

@Mandrake6 - Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)

I will resolve your issue. Thank you again for bearing with us.

@justsomeone1 - please see DM. Your issue is now resolved. Thank you again for your patience!

I sent you a DM with the requested info.

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Thank you @Mandrake6.

thanks to you @steeven and have a nice day :slight_smile:

For people following the topic @steeven solved the issue! :tada:

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I had 45 BAT on my MacBook with El Capitan. I jotted-down my pass phrase and then install High Sierra.

When I put my pass phrase into my new Brave installation it only found 7 BAT!!!


This was weeks ago.

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