New section needed

In the last few months, about 70% of posts have been like “I don’t get BATs”, “I had 1000 BATs and now they’re gone”, “Brave is a scam and I’m going to uninstall it” (but they don’t uninstall it…) etc.
Therefore, I suggest creating a new forum section just for the people who want to talk (or rant) about those kinds of alleged issues with BATs, ads or wallets.

As a result, the other people (us) could ignore that section and read different topics more easily.

That would be a great idea yes. And I lol over the “(but they don’t uninstall it…)” That is so true. I am sure those who make the biggest waves are secretly still using. And still on this community instead of some Firefox community. People need to calm down and chill. One day Brave / Uphold will resolve this issue and those with pending huge sums of money will get completely paid out and they will be raving about how great it is.