A big THANK YOU to the Brave Support and Development teams

We’ve got a complaint and its not about Brave its about you, the Community (which includes us as we’re honestly not associated with Brave). Time for some real talk…

The fact that we can earn free BAT through ads, tipping, referrals, etc. is an innovative and tempting incentive but not what Brave is here to do. Brave is first and foremost a super-fast, secure and private browser that protects and respects your data. It does a stellar job of doing what it says on the box. We’re not paying Brave for the service, they’re not our employers, they don’t owe us anything but yes if they’re really nice (and they do tend to be) who knows they might try and make up for it in the long run.

There are so many comments complaining about how bad Brave and their support staff are, what a bad job they do, etc. Support and development are no doubt overwhelmed and clearly doing their best to assist. The pinned posts already answer most of the questions being asked. When folk say things like "it’s been 6 days now"and make various threats to go back to whatever crappy, privacy-mining browser they had before - we understand it can be frustrating but do you know how brattish and entitled that sounds in the big scheme of things, really? Go ahead nobody is stopping you! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Many of us are missing BAT and ads - some for weeks, possibly months. You are not unique or special and making lots of noise or posts on the forum just means its going to take even longer to get around to everyone, and a fix. We’ve been waiting (patiently) for a fix ourselves for some time now but just felt compelled to make this comment as some of the whining in here is truly sickening! Feel bad for the Brave staff who have to put up with this. Its not easy to feel motivated when you’re never appreciated or thanked, whether or not you do a good job.

So with that said, please can we ask the community to humble themselves and take a moment in this topic to extend some long overdue and well-earned credit to the hardworking support and development teams at Brave for putting up with us all, and for all they do just to try and keep us happy .Send some positive vibes their way. Serial complainers should be equally quick to give credit and thanks where it is due. It’s not all about you!

Brave, sorry if this is inappropriate use of the community forum.

Thrive out… :zipper_mouth_face:


I agree 100%…
and disagree that it is inappropriate in the least…
My bat has been stuck for months and months.
I figure one day I’ll get a bunch if things sort out, if not I certainly will get the same I got from Edge or Chrome or Maxthon so far.


I fully support this post, it is a shame that I do not know the answer to many questions since for my part I have tried to give the contribution that I could to the community to be able to help the brave team because I know how difficult it is to be a moderator, a moment in which you do not want to help certain people because of their attitude but even so the Brave team is one of the most friendly and respectful that I have always seen willing to solve in the best way, there will be those who will say “that’s their job” and they have reason but they do not have to put up with the mistreatment or rudeness of any person …

For my part I want to congratulate you in the same way and I hope you always stay like this, you know you can count on me, the Brave team !!!

Thank you very much for your good work !!


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