Only one option for start-up, home & new tab page

I want to select the Brave “New Tab” dashboard as the start-up page & the home page, that is where I would read articles & take care of other Brave issues & if I wanted to return to the start-up page it would also be my home page so all I would do is select the home button. The new tab page would not be the Brave dashboard but another page to organize most used sites & search options, things I need that do not change constantly. I dont understand why the start-up, home & new tab can only be the Brave new tab dashboard; or if another page is selected it must be all 3 & Brave dashboard can not be selected?! Give me the address of the Brave dashboard & allow me to select the site for the new tab.

I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you give screenshots?

When I select another start-up & home page than Brave dashboard, that page is the start-up, home page & new tab page. When Brave new tab is the start-up & home page there is no option to change new tab page, so again start-up, home & new tab are the same page

It is appears you have an extension controlling your On Startup page. Is this what’s not working?

I want to select the start up page, home page & the new tab page to be different pages not the same page for each.

The extension you’re using is controlling what’s on the new tab page. The first image you shared shows that “Homey” is controlling this setting. So any NTP options you have set or set after that will likely not take effect or act strangely since the extension is controlling the behavior.

But that is all to be expected so I think I’m also a little unclear about what’s being asked here?

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In the On Startup section, you need to change that option to something else that’s not the NTP. Again, NTP is being controlled by the extension.

Then for your Homepage, set a custom web address:

I select it for the start up page, not the new tab. And when Ive selected the new tab page the same happens. I’ll make this real simple. I want Brave dashboard as start up & home page, but not new tab page, I want to select a different site for new tab, something I was able to do on Chrome

The home button would show Brave new tab, the same for start-up but I do not want new tab to be brave new tab dashboard.

Is “homey” not an option for select what shows on the NTP?

No, those are the only 3 options

Okay – can you show me how you configured it in Chrome then? Because I cannot set it to do what you’re describing in any browser.

I have a feeling Brave only allows one site to be start-up, home & new tab pages. And the only change is to have new tab blank.

I am able to select a site for each new tab & start-up/home

What screen capture ext are you using in Brave, the 2 I use Nimbus & ‘screenshot & screen capture elite’ wont work on Brave?

In the above, you have it set to startup on the new tab page. Then you have the home button set to google news. That would be easy to do in Brave – can you please show me an example including Homey?

The google news I have an address, there’s no address for Brave new tab or for Homey start-up page


:point_up: This is exactly what you have in your images above.