How to Make Dashboard my Startup Page?

How can I make the Dashboard (from the New Tab page) the Startup page?

Open brave://settings/getStarted and set Open the New Tab page under On startup.

Oh, I already set it up that way, but I wanted the Home page to be the Dashboard and then be able to make the New Tab page the Brave Search page.


I see startpage among the factory provided search engine options (at brave://settings/searchEngines).
Not sure it’s what you are looking for, but you can make it default search engine.

If you want the browser to open (start up) on a specific page, go to Settings --> On Startup and select the Open a specific page or set of pages option and set this page to what you’d like to see when you launch the browser:

Unfortunately at this time you cannot set the NTP to be a specific page – however, I would recommend setting Brave Search as your default search engine in the browser, as it can then be accessed on any page (second option on the following page):

Here’s what I want to do.

When Brave opens up, the user sees the Dashboard. However, when they open a new tab, they get another page, in my case the Brave Search engine.

I know how to do it the other way, but to do it my way I would need “Dashboard” as one of the options for the Start page and it’s not. Seems something other users would want but apparently I’m alone(!).

As it is, I have the New Tab page as the Dashboard and the Start page points to the New Tab page (seems redundant). The Search page is a separate link that I put in the Top Sites.

It’s not possible as of the moment, only the other way around is possible, like you wrote yourself. I suggest that you open a feature request on Github so developers can see there is interest in such a possibility.

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