New Tab Page shows Homepage Does Not Work

Description of the issue:
the Setting: ‘New tab page shows Homepage’ does not work.
Only shows Dashboard.
“New tab page show Blank page” works.
But “New tab shows Homepage” or “Dashboard” has same result.
What is Homepage? I didn’t find much information on that. I assumed it is not Dashboard. So it would appear to be the ‘Open a specific page on startup’ setting.

**Steps to Reproduce **

  1. Setting ‘Open a specific page on startup’ is set to
  2. Setting is set for ‘New Tab Page shows Homepage’
  3. Quit and Re-Launch Brave
  4. Google comes up as first page on startup as expected.
  5. When opening new tab only shows Dashboard or if setting is set to ‘New tab page shows Blankpage’ then a Blankpage is shown.
    If Homepage is selected it only shows Dashboard.
    Not sure what Homepage is. Thought it was ‘Open a specific page on startup’

**Actual Result **
Only shows Dashboard when opening a new tab. This is fine, but why is there an option for Homepage if Homepage is Dashboard.
Not sure what homepage is. Thought it was ‘Open a specific page on startup’

Expected result:
A new tab should open Homepage or something other than Dashboard.
Expect the “open specific page on startup” to be the “homepage”

Reproduces how often:
every time

Operating System and Brave Version
I’m using macOS Mojave v 10.14.6
Brave release - Version 1.20.103 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Additional Information:
What is Homepage?

Go to Settings > Appearance to set the homepage. The one set for home button.

Ah, Eureka -
Thank You!

Homepage is Home button!

of course