No sound from brave and does not show up in volume mixer, but all other sounds on computer works

No sound from brave and does not show up in volume mixer

Reproduce issue? Always happens when I open brave.
No matter what I do no audio comes from brave.

  1. Open brave
  2. No Audio
  3. restart brave
  4. Still no audio from brave.


Brave Version
Version 1.40.109 Chromium: 103.0.5060.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

**This issue started today after I moved my pc to another place. Everything that used to be connected is connected, and all other sounds work. So for example edge sound works, chrome, games, spotify etc all works perfectly.

I have tried reinstalling brave, resetting brave, checking audio sources, restarting pc, windows troubleshooting, Disabling and enabling hardware acceleration.



Check if sound is enabled @ brave://settings/content/sound?search=sound
Check if sound is enabled for Brave in Windows settings

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Sits can play audio is on and brave does not even show up in things like volume mixer. :frowning:

Try the solution from this user @ Brave browser not showing up in volume mixer (windows 11) - #7 by ThePuppett

You may also try troubleshoot sound by right-clicking on sound icon in taskbar.
Also, look at this

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I tried everything in those links and nothing seems to fix the issue. Maybe it could be a windows update. I checked the exclusive controls thing, I uninstalled basically every single audio driver to test, I tried troubleshooting all used audio sourced in the windows troubleshooting menu…

I took some screenshots of my audio sources and some other stuff I thought may be useful and uploaded it to this imgur link:
Maybe there is something useful there

same thing is happening to me sound is comping from my laptop speaker but as soon as I plug-in my earphones it doesn’t works but sounds come from other browsers other than brave I think they should fix this real quick