Sound breaks after playing a video / on certain sites

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I posted about this issue in No sound from brave and does not show up in volume mixer…, but have since discovered that my issue is a bit different.

UPDATE: The issue has degraded, strangely enough. Sound from the browser is entirely broken now on my personal machine. Brave never registers itself in the volume controls and I cannot hear any sound coming from the browser no matter what I do.

Some sites either don’t have sound at all (Discord), or break after playing a video or two (Youtube, Instagram). To be clear, when the sound ‘breaks’, it’s for the entire browser, not just one tab/site. Sometimes I can see Brave in the volume mixer, sometimes I cannot.

To reproduce, I just open Discord and there is no sound. If I play a video on Youtube and then go to play another, all sound breaks for the entire browser.

If I restart the browser, I temporarily have sound again (except for Discord), until I go to view a second video (typically). Clearing cache does nothing. Restarting computer does nothing. Turning off hardware acceleration does nothing.

I have a Windows 10 machine with an AMD CPU and graphics card, and a wireless headset. This issue is occurring on version v1.42.97 of Brave, which was released 2 days ago and updated to Chromium version 104.0.5112.102. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

I have a work laptop with an Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics (I believe) and sound works fine on that. I’ve made sure it’s on the same version of Brave as well. I was also using the same headset.

I downloaded BraveNightly yesterday and sound works fine on that version of Brave.

Resolved: I am not getting any audio from my browser - #10 by gmanicus

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