Brave not playing audio or showing up in Windows volume mixer

I updated my BIOS today to install a new CPU, and afterwards, my Brave browser will not play any audio from any source, or even show up in the Windows Volume Mixer or anywhere in the sound settings. Audio works perfectly fine everywhere else on my PC, it is just Brave that refuses to play any audio. I have my audio all going through a GoXLR, everything else works, Chrome audio works, Discord, Desktop…so it is not my GoXLR that is causing the problem. Brave just simply does not show up in Windows Volume Mixer, nor does it show on EarTrumpet.

I have uninstalled Brave and went into the install directory and appdata to delete everything left before I reinstalled, still no audio. The settings in Brave are allowing audio to be played on any site. I even added an exception to allow audio to be played for certain sites, such as YouTube, and still nothing. Don’t really know what to do at this point.

Brave Version: 1.44.108

EDIT: I found a fix that worked for me, putting it here because I’ve seen this problem happen with some people. In volume mixer I had to hit the “Reset sound devices and volumes for all apps to the recommended defaults” button, and that made Brave show up in the mixer. It will reset everything, but hey at least it works now!

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We’re glad you were able to fix this, if you have any other concerns, please let us know

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