Brave browser not showing up in volume mixer (windows 11)

This problem never happened to me before today, but when I try to watch youtube on brave it won’t play the audio. I have tried restarting my laptop and checking my sound drivers, but nothing worked. How do I fix this?


@ThePuppett Check if Brave allows sites to play sound @ brave://settings/content/sound?search=sound by enabling Sites can play sound


No websites are listed under cannot play audio. Everything is allowed to play audio. The browser itself isn’t showing up in the mixer.

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@ThePuppett Right-click on sound icon (bottom right) and choose troubleshoot sound problems.

Just tried that, still doesn’t work. It tells me that the tab is playing audio, but I can’t hear it either of my output devices (headphones and computer speakers)


@ThePuppett Try this

Right click on sound icon (bottom), choose sound, then click on Playback tab and choose speakers as default , IF you see more than one playback device.

Still nothing. I disabled my computer speakers and now the only output device being used is my wireless headphones. Everything else works (spotify, games, etc.), just brave isn’t coming up

I found a solution to the problem. I had to disable my laptop speakers and re-enable them. To disable them (windows 11 btw) go to sound settings. Click on your laptop speakers and click don’t allow. To re-enable the speakers, follow the steps on this website

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