No payout for december and january


Can someone nudge me to right direction? My balance both in brave browser and gemini wallet shows zero. Haven’t gotten my BATs. Help greatly appreciated!

Hi, an big tip with this isue is to private message an moderator he can help u out maybe ur wallet got flagged.

Thanks! Sended a PM to a moderator.

@Tape Just so you know, when you message them, they need more than general info like you said here. Try to include a description of your issue and your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so they can start looking into things. Otherwise will be a delay.

You can see fuller instructions and advisory at Still no payout? read this before posting

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Did this too. Thank you!

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I am being accused of “irregular activity”. I have done absolutely nothing such.

Such bs. No proof, no nothing.

Is that what Mattches or Steeven told you?

I mean, I will tell you Brave never tells anyone specific reason why they are flagged or suspended. The reason being is they don’t want to tip people off on the specifics so they can better cover their tracks. I mean, if I told you “I see files were modified” then you might recognize that and look deeper at how I could tell and try to better circumvent it to scam more BAT later. Or you might then try saying “oh, I thought that folder went to something else” or whatever. (when I say “you” in that, just saying it generically not actually saying YOU).

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