Please Help - No Rewards Since 1/13/22

Can someone please look into why I haven’t received any rewards since January 13th, 2022. I’ve tried reinstalling, resetting every setting, etc. I made the initial thread on Reddit saying that the Gemini wallet verification wasn’t working, I’ve reached out in multiple different spaces and yet nothing works. Any response would be much appreciated as I would like to continue using and enjoying this browser. Thank you.

@m4g33 resinstalling and all won’t give you BAT, if nothing else it can cause you to lose the BAT you had and other issues. Gemini was broken, then fixed, then broke again, and I think it’s said they have it up again now.

Brave Support lately was saying they needed people to message them with Wallet Info and all. I kind of explained that on my own post at Still no payout? read this before posting

I asked at the end of January if they could look at hiring more and the response was:

We are working on this.

We’ve (Brave) been growing at a rate at which we cannot hire. So looking at growth verticals for support.

So I guess we’re kind of just stuck waiting while the couple people who are handling things can get to each request. They have just been asking for people to be patient and understanding. I know it’s not easy when you’re expecting BAT and don’t get it right away, but it will be coming as long as you contact them.

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