Never got my pay out

I had almost 3 BAT coming in from last month, received a notification about it processing, not its not showing up at all, not on the browser or in my history. What Kind of fucking scam is this. pay me now you fucks

@ETHann dude :man_facepalming:

Is your wallet verified with a crypto custodian account?

if you mean like gemini or brave wallet then yes i have a gemini wallet


@ETHann When you say “from last month” are you referring to the more recent payout that is January being paid in February? Or are you saying the December rewards never arrived in January?

If you’re referring to January’s rewards, that’s still processing and should appear in Gemini soon. If you’re referring to December’s, you may need to reach out to Steeven, Mattches, or SaltyBanana via a DM with your Brave Internals info so they can look at things from their end.

Sounds Good. Thank you.

Yep. Btw, info I’m saying is like you can see at Payout not received since two months (December & January) - #3 by Mattches

did you got your payment?

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