January was not paid out, but status says it was

not much to type. I only know that I didn’t receive anything for December for the January payout.

not the biggest problem - I think I only had like maybe a dollar or two, if even.

Raise a ticket at the above. Share ticket ID once submitted, so if any support member sees this post, he’ll be able to help right away.
Also, be patient if you don’t get a reply for some days, they are having a lotta tickets already.

I did as you said, ticket 176428, and after a simple google search, I see that 100% of all gemini payouts, in all history, have never been paid out. I guess it makes sense to switch back to uphold, since gemini is a 100% failure rate.

Buddy, people won’t post for 'receiving payments. they will only post for not receiving one. So that is why you’ll see most saying they didnt receive. As for me gemini payout has ben prefectly fine for me and many others. @SaltyBanana @Evan123 could you guys please take a look ?

what the heck lol. Well thats huge but idk it probably could’ve been something unrelated in there too, so maybe just a few hundred who actually faced it.

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