My December Rewards payout weren't sent to me

Hi there,
I’m new here and my bat rewards didn’t send to me. There was a notification before 5 or 7th of january but then it disappered and I still didn’t get my payout. That’s why I minimised my use of Brave Browser. I just started to use it instead of chrome just because of rewards. Please any moderator?
My Wallet ID: 8344865e-7681-4587-a821-9f0dd29d124b
My Brave is upto date.
And no sign of any of payout and history from december at rewards page.

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Same situation here but i’m not new.


same , my dec earning of 2.04 BAT is not yet received as scheduled on since jan 5 2022.

same here…my jan 7 payout of 3.1 BAT didnt recieve? my nov and dec payout are smooth no problem at all

I have same problem. My rewards didnt came


I had around 1,3 BAT from December not arrive, another of around 1 BAT for January.

I contacted Gemini and they’ve asked for proof but all figures have disappeared from my Brave Browser So I cannot even confirm figures.

Hi and welcome,
payments are still processing so not receiving BAT to your wallet could simply be that it has not finished processing your payment. I suggest you wait until the panel at the top of community.brave page shows “payment’s completed” for your wallet before opening a support ticket. At this stage it’s too soon to know if there was some kind of problem or not.
Hope this helps

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same, it keeps unlinking my uphold wallet, I don’t know how to find My wallet ID: but my brave is also up to date… it also, has been unlinking my mobile as well… this is the second time I’ve lost any rewards… I love brave, and will continue to use it, but if your going to perk me up with potential rewards… it should be consistent. I’m willing to be patient as long as someone reaches out and helps me figure out both devices and my rewards, cause so far my phone has produced nothing, being unlinked with uphold nearly every month without my doing… thanks mods, be safe.

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Same here… What should we do??

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At this point, I’ve stopped using Brave. I could put up with the heavy RAM consumption, but if Brave cannot even uphold their BAT reward system then I cannot keep using it.

Still nothing for December or January as of 2/2/22

Same here. I have yet to receive my rewards for December in my Gemini wallet. What is going on here?

Fixed FInally thanks for helping.

Whats Up with this every month, I mean I don’t care about a few dollars, but last year it was in my uphold on the dot, its 10 days after my 2/8 payout and it’s the same thing as last month, I mean I eventually get paid, but I’d like to know from someone at brave is this going to be normal, cause I’ve converted a lot over to the browser. Thanks for your time if you see this brave

@funeralfather It’s not all on Brave. Let me reference to you here to give SOME idea of things that have been causing delays.

The list goes on. Essentially, there’s a LOT of fraudulent activity going on within both Brave and all connected services. Let’s face it, there’s money to be made and people are doing all they can to manipulate things for profit. Brave still keeps pushing through and trying to resolve it, but they have also been having to terminate/suspend a lot of accounts recently.

They are supposedly looking at trying to expand their customer support team to try to get things handled quicker, but not sure what the ETA is on that.

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So in short, be patient and relax lol and brave on!

So be patient and wait? cause it’s not even showing my earnings for the month…

@funeralfather Yeah, sounds like the system has you flagged. One of them has to get to your info and then troubleshoot to find out what happened. At that point, they reverse it if you did nothing wrong or otherwise let you know that you’re suspended if they see you did something wrong. Either way, they get to it. To quote yet again what Mattches had mentioned:

That if users aren’t seeing ads or receiving payment, they need to reach out to us directly and they need to exercise patience as not only do we have 1000s of messages to go through between us (support), each individual ticket/DM/request can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours to several days to diagnose.

I think a lot of people assume these guys just sit here all day, 7 days a week, and that all it takes is a push of a button to solve everything. There’s a lot more to it and they don’t have the amount of people they should have working on it.

I know I’ve even lost track of posts/messages and I don’t get anywhere near the numbers of things they have to do. And with people often doing the complaint type of posts/comments rather than providing information, it makes it harder. Think about it, which would you like:

Help, I'm not getting ads!"
I'm not getting ads. I've verified location, disabled Focus Assist, am not using VPN, and am using version ### of Brave. This issue is happening on both my Android ### and Windows ### which are verified with Uphold.
The above one, but in a DM which can also say my Wallet Info is, ###, so you're able to verify things on your end as well.

The first is too generic and tells nothing. It’s what I’d estimate about 80% of all posts here are like.

The second is more informative, but there’s not much else that can be said and is going to often result in asking people to DM with Wallet Info so they can research things.

The third is the most efficient, including all steps tried and including Wallet Info. What a lot of people don’t realize is once they get this information, not only are they having to look through their own information but sometimes they have to reach out to our verified wallets (Gemini or Uphold) and wait from responses there. They track payments if any were sent, look at suspicious activity that the systems may have flagged our accounts for, etc. Then they have to get all of that together and begin the payment process, which goes through a couple departments where money is shifted over, converted to BAT, and sent over.

So it does vary based on where things went wrong and what they are having to do. And it’s not always on the Support team, as they have to wait for systems and transactions to process and do their part.

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