No Longer Recieving Brave Rewards Ads

I’ve noticed that I’ve suddenly stopped receiving ads (and the subsequent rewards) through both the desktop and mobile browsers.

The Desktop browser stopped at 95 ads this month with 1.625 BAT pending, and the mobile browser stopped at 94 ads this month, but is showing 0 BAT pending.

The annoying part is that I need less than 2 BAT on mobile to reach the 25 required to verify my Uphold account, and I was looking forward to finally being able to claim them on the next payout date.

The only thing that’s changed on my end is that I’ve started using a VPN. Could that be interfering with the Brave Rewards? Or have they suddenly stopped issuing Brave Rewards since the price started to go up?


Which VPN you are using

@Gaurav I’m using Surf Shark, with the “Clean Web” feature disabled (though it was enabled accidentally for a day or two).

i have the same issue

Im speechless. The problem has been known from solid 1 year and team have done nothing visible to solve it. Instead they have been busy with doing … I honestly dont know what.

Btw, @Cowabunga SurfShark is not bad VPN…

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@macfanol So it is the VPN, then? That’s disappointing for a browser that’s supposed to be privacy-oriented.

Im not 100% sure what can be faulty in your case. If I had to guess, Id guess its NOT vpm related issue…

Update: I Turned off the VPN a few hours ago, and rebooted. Just got another ad now, and the pending rewards that go with it. I’d say it’s a pretty good sign that it’s the VPN.

Does anyone know of a solution to this? Why is a privacy-oriented web browser incompatible with one of the most important privacy tools?

Because Brave is no longer privacy-first browser…

Well, it has been stated before that the rewards feature should not be used alongside vpn. Advertisers are paying brave to get their ads delivered to a specific public and the use of vpn just doesn’t help in doing that well.

Pretty interesting topic here. Seems the Brave Tech Team Have a lot of work to do here, before the customers get discouraged and stop use this supposedly “Privacy Oriented” Web Browser system with a supposedly working Ecosystem. If their ecosystem stops running I don’t see any long-term increase in their customer-base, especially when they have giants browsers as competitors.

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I definitely understand why they do it, though I see no reason they couldn’t find a way to verify your home location, and provide ads based on that. Even if someone is traveling, it would be a better use of advertising dollars to continue to give them ads from their home country anyway (I’ve never seen ads for, say, local restaurants through the Brave browser.).

More importantly, the ads returned to my desktop browser a couple hours after turning off the VPN, however it’s been 2 weeks since disabling the VPN on mobile, plus multiple reboots, and still no ads. I’m 1.75 BAT away from the 25 that I need to verify my mobile wallet, and I’d at least like to be able to collect what I have so far.

Also, I received zero BAT for the 95 ads that I received prior to activating the VPN, which is a little annoying.

The topic of using a VPN with Brave/ Brave ads is really interesting. It seems like it could be a major player with users who’re having some issue with receiving/ not receiving ads and BAT accumulation (or not).

One of the more recent threads I’ve found on here discussing this is…

…in which a member of the Brave/ BAT Team has responded.

A few older threads, but still interesting reads:

I was also curious to see if anyone had posted any issues or questions about Brave ads while using the Brave Firewall + VPN (iOS), but I didn’t find anything here…

…but then, not many post their issues under the best categories/ tags, so… :upside_down_face:

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please how do you mean?

I’ve noticed that I’ve suddenly
stopped receiving ads (and the
subsequent rewards) in
the desktop

The Desktop browser stopped at
at 1th of feb
and no claim button
for feb rewards

not being able to claim them
on the next payout date
on feb and mar

every update the past 3 weeks and have yet to see any changes.
And Brave is up to date
now my Next payment date is may 6

I think IOS users no longer has access to the rewards feature

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Thank you, @JohnDproof, I wasn’t so sure about this. I guess that’s why there are no issues about Brave ads posted in that section :upside_down_face:

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