2 days -> No ads. 1 day -> about 40-50 ads. Next day no ads

I installed the browser earlier this week. Saw nothing for two days, a slew of ads on the third day, and then nothing for one more day. Everything seemed fine as far as rewards earned for that day. I am on or near my computer for the better part of the day so I don’t think it was a personal exposure issue/time issue. Any help?

Version 1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Giving this a bump. 0 developer responses in in days. It has now been 3-4 days without a single ad. Nothing in Windows notifications. Can’t find anything in the support section either.

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Hi, @WoolyMammoth, I posted to another thread, which I think could possibly help you. You can read it here when you have the time:

Let me know how it goes.
Good luck. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the reply. The issue seems to be with my VPN. Will this always be the case while using Brave? I have set myself in the same country but in a different location. Do you have any other details or potential solutions on how I can use Brave without turning off my VPN? Or do you know if there will be added functionality to support this?

Thank you.

No problem, @WoolyMammoth

Brave has an anti-fraud detection that is pretty keen and it doesn’t play nicely with VPN users who also seek Rewards. (Some users use VPNs to secure catalogues from other regions with more ‘favourable’ ad amounts and BAT incentive, hence the preventive measures you were running into.)

It’s not to say this couldn’t be improved upon in the future, but I don’t know. To illustrate: Brave offers a Firewall + VPN for iOS users because they cannot participate in the Rewards program due to Apple policy, so…

For now, you’ll have to decide which is more important for you: using a VPN, or accumulating BAT.

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you something more to your liking.

Hi saereV,

I was using Brave again this morning and it actually gave me ads going through Canada on my VPN. I have since had my VPN off and I have seen 0 ads for the past hour. Any tips now? I have not changed any settings whatsoever.


Without a VPN, go here https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ and see what campaigns are currently active for your region, @WoolyMammoth.

Using a VPN with Rewards is messy. I don’t know how often you use a VPN with Brave browser/ Rewards… it could be the system thinks it’s your actual region (Canada) and so you don’t see any earnings with it off. But I honestly don’t know, unfortunately. :confused:

If you stop using the VPN it may take some time before everything ‘normalizes’ itself out, but it should. If you continue using the VPN you will have Rewards issues, though.

Edit: Also, check the information against your actual supported region here https://brave.com/transparency/ (use Find to quickly find your region in the list).

Isn’t that first link just what displays in the ad if they actually show up for my region? I checked the transparency link and there are many campaigns running in my region. Am I missing something here? Do ads only show if I am on certain websites? Do ads appear more often if you have more tabs open? I know that it is “up to 5 an hour” but I’m seeing none again.

I have taken multiple troubleshooting steps including having the VPN on and off, rebooting, and disconnecting and reconnecting the actual internet to no avail again still.

location should be pulled from uphold for verified devices and ip for for unverified devices, this would at lease allow the verified users to use a vpn without disruption

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@saereV This guy makes a very good point. Is this a feature we could see in the future? It is a little ironic that adds for VPNs are often 40% of the adds I see in a given hour when things are functioning :joy:. Do you know if Brave VPN allows for the ads to run properly?

I think an idea like @structdjm’s is something that should definitely be considered. Users who choose a privacy browser are users of VPNs more often than not… but I honestly don’t know what is on the horizon, @WoolyMammoth. We can hope. :crossed_fingers:

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