Connected brave wallet to an uphold account on 18th of March. Still haven't received my bat

Hello, this post is for support for my gf as she’s not a savy with community forums. She bought a new laptop and I wanted to transfer her old bat from her brave browser to her new one. She never had made an uphold account so I went ahead and helped her to set it up. Afterwards I went to her old laptop and connected her old wallet to uphold as well as her phone. Her phone’s bat automatically appeared within minutes on uphold. But her 85 bat from her windows Brave Browser have yet to be sent over and its almost a month. The browser still shows the 85 bat and that the wallet is verified and we still have the backup codes.
Any support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

I have a very similar, but opposite problem. My Uphold wallet is showing BAT credited from Desktop, but not that earned through my mobile browser. The (verified) wallet on mobile shows the total of both mobile and desktop; but the two desktop browsers (two machines), and Uphold only show the desktop total… I’ve contacted Uphold support, and they told me to ask here…

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