BAT tokens hasn't been transferred to my uphold wallet

I finally created an uphold account and asked to transfer my BAT in December, but I received nothing.

edit : yes I logged in the account first as the pinned post says.

Same here. I’ve been using Brave for several months; uphold verified. Never had a problem until now.

Hope this gets resolved. I’ll certainly post an update if I hear from anyone w/Brave.

Same problem with so many users including myself. Don’t worry it will take some time.

Well I didnt receive my rewards from December as well plus my account Earnings stopped at 1.900 BAT for January for few days now. Anyone having the same ?

Is there any minimum BAT required so that it transfers to uphold wallet every month.

It will take some time…just now I got my December month token in uphold account…it will come soon

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Is there any minimum BAT required so that it transfers to uphold wallet every month.

No… I have different devices and in one device I had 0.250 bat that also came in uphold account.

How many accounts can we connect with uphold.

I have one account and 3 brave browsers in my mobile ( brave, beta, nighty version) and same 3 versions r installed in my laptop. I connected my uphold with my browsers. But atleast 2 or 3 browsers u can connect.

I synchronised my all browsers in laptop browsers so wherever I am getting bat tokens it come to my uphold.

Till now I got bats bats from my laptop browser that was 1.584 bats and one from mobile which was 2.3184 bats token. And 1 more browser I got 0.250 bats.

I suggest you also synchronised your all browsers.

If u have atleast 2 bat tokens that you will be able to verify your account on uphold or Gemini…before that it was 15 token…now brave browser reduced the verification tokens number 15 to 2… You can easily get 2 tokens and then verify


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