Re: Not receiving BAT in Uphold

Has anyone received BAT tokens you earned in the past in your Uphold account since the 2-way wallet being activated?

The earned BAT tokens suppose to be directly deposited into Uphold account from now on

Thank you

Yes. I had over done it during testing cause I had all 4 versions of Brave installed on all my laptops. So @sampson is working on a fix for that. This is proof of payment

Glad someone is working on it to fix it for you

It says you received 0.1 BAT from Uphold member, does that mean you received it from your own Brave rewards wallet?

When did you receive it?

Are we suppose to receive all the BAT tokens we earned in the past in 1 transaction or through several different transactions?

I installed one on my Desktop and one on my Laptop, so I think I should be okay

Thank you for sharing

the message says payout for September ad earning

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I checked my account, yes I also have the message, payout for September earnings, what happens to the BAT tokens we earned before September, can we transfer them to Uphold?

From now on, do we still need to claim Brave rewards every month or do they just automatically go to Uphold and we don’t need to remember to claim anymore

Thank you

Kindly I have been active for 30days same to my referrals but I haven’t been paid anything.
Am really frustrated

Do you have any pending BAT on your publisher dashboard. and Have you been paid today