Netflix Widevine error possible fix

I received the famous error (M7701-1003) when visiting Netflix, but I also was unable to play content from Prime video and Ziggo GO. My browser was up-to-date (as of the 5th of June 2021) and Widevine was installed and enabled as well. I don’t need help anymore but I’m posting this in case anybody else has this problem and needs help. I Googled for a while and none of the solutions that I was able to find worked for me. I took the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Go to brave://settings/?search=widevine and disable Widevine.
  2. The browser will ask you to relaunch, and you will do so.
  3. Go to Netflix and try playing any content.
  4. The browser will tell you that Netflix wants to install Widevine. Click Allow.
  5. The browser will then tell you that Netflix wants to restart your browser. Also click Allow.

After taking these steps I could watch Netflix, Prime video, and Ziggo GO again. If these steps don’t work, make sure to try disabling all shields for the site.

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