Netflix Error M7121-1331 , Amazon Prime video not working . Tried everythng ... Working on all other browsers

Netflix stopped working on brave but it works on all other browsers. It was working till the last update. I created a new profile and accepted Widevine on the new profile and in brave://components it says that Widevine is up to date and I can’t update it.

Also Amazon Prime videos is not working… Showing following error:
“We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to”

I’m not sure how or why this started to happen but it might be because of an update (judging from older posts that say it happened after updating brave)
Working on all other browsers including Chrome …

I am on the newest brave version (V 1.51.118)

Tried clearing Cache, cookies and even reinstalled, tried new profile etc

I am on Windows 11

I hope this helps.

Already done steps in your link but no luck. In fact when the widevine is disabled and i try to play a movie on PrimeVideo it ask me to enable widevine…

Try disabling widevine, restart Brave. The re-enable widevine and restart. Do other services like Netflix work?

brother I find it irritatin whn people ask u u to repeat doin steps u hv done ep whn i alrdy told thn tht ihv done those steps… Ive widewine disabled-restarted-enabled-restarted … uninstalled/installed brave… every possible step for step. Woriking onall other browsers
Amazon PrimeVideo error is as follows

Video Unavailable
We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to

@anupam_luv let me repeat and clarify a couple things. I’m assuming you are basically saying, “yes, I did it” to each one, but listing in case somehow there was a step overlooked or done differently and it solves your issue.

  1. You mentioned about enabling Widevine and all. Have you enabled that in Brave’s settings at brave://settings/extensions? Asking as I know in the past have had people install Widevine and try, but didn’t necessarily work.

  2. When you did new profile and/or reinstalled Brave, did you make sure not to add any extensions? Just looking for confirmation here as extensions can cause a lot of headaches, so hoping tried without.

  3. Have you tried disabling Shields at all?

  4. Are you using a VPN or anything?

  5. Does this happen on all videos on Amazon Prime?

Main struggle here is that we can’t replicate your issue. I just was watching Prime Video earlier today. I’m on Windows 11 and same version of Brave. So it’s having to kind of go through and figure out what’s different for you than the rest of us.

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