Brave suddenly won't play Amazon Prime videos

Last year I had a problem with not being able to play videos within Amazon Prime on new Brave. Widevine was the problem and the response here helped me fix it.

Today, I am now unable to view any Amazon Prime videos again, I get the error despite being able to view videos fine yesterday.

I checked to see if Widevine was still installed to see if it was the problem again; it is installed but says it cannot update when I try to update it. I can’t see anyway of removing it to then reinstall it to see if this is the problem. I see other people have had the 7031 error but without any answer.

I have Brave version 0.63.55 and am using Windows 10.

How do I fix this?


Can you try clearing Site setting along with cache and then try to reinstall Widevine on the site and check if it works?

No luck with clearing site settings and cache.
I did mention in my initial post though that I can’t seem to uninstall widevine to reinstall it. With Widevine still installed no website will prompt me to install it, so I can’t find a way to reinstall over the existing installation.

I know this may seem annoying given that you just did roughly the same thing, but I’d like to ensure we’ve covered all basis:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “lock” icon on the left side of the address bar image
  3. Click Site Settings
  4. On Site Settings page, Clear data and Reset site permissions
  5. Click the Back arrow (on top left of page, not in browser) to view the All site data page. Use the search located here and search for any lingering cookies/cache data – delete them.
  6. Lastly, open the main menu, navigate to History --> Clear browsing data -->Advanced, check Hosted app data (we’re only concerned with this option at this time, feel free to uncheck any/all other boxes you desire) and clear data it (choose All time to be safe). Relaunch the browser.

The steps aren’t quite as daunting as they seem. We’re just double-triple checking we’ve cleared all related data. After performing the above, visit – Netflix is a good place to ensure you get the Widevine prompt in the address bar. If the prompt doesn’t appear after all this, let me know. Either way, after checking for the prompt on Netflix, return to, authenticate and attempt to stream video content again.

Let me know the results.

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Thanks, I must have missed something. I didn’t need to go to Netflix to get the Widevine prompt, whatever I just cleared seems to have resolved the problem.

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Very glad to hear it – enjoy your privacy!