Can't play Netflix after updating Brave. Error Code M7701-1003

Since updating my Brave browser yesterday, I’m unable to play any content on Netflix or Prime Video. Netflix error code is M7701-1003, it says that Widevine needs to be updated, however when I check the settings this option is not available for me. I used Chrome to open Netflix and Prime and they both worked perfectly fine. I’ve only had this issue since updating Brave.

Expected result: To stream Netflix and Prime Video

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.26.34 Chromium beta (arm64)

Are you checking in brave://components?

Yes when I click on update it says Update error

what does brave://settings/?search=widevine look like? Enabled?

Yes its enabled as well

interesting… clicking check for update button keeps on showing update error right?
I’d try installing over your current install with an installer from

Yes it keeps saying update error. Ok will reinstall over this but would that affect my Brave rewards?

shouldn’t. you’re not uninstalling brave, just over it…

having said that, I hope it didn’t jinx you… >.<

Reinstalling it worked but now I’ve lost all my settings and also my BAT rewards :frowning:

lol I think you did jinx me! Anyway I can get back the rewards and settings?

meh… you verified your wallet already right? settings may be gotten back by using sync if you have another device with brave to be the source of sync chain…

No :frowning: didnt have sufficient funds to verify it. Guess I’ve lost it again! This has happened to me so many times. Brave should really let us create a user profile for the browser so it remembers our settings and rewards

If you put the browser on top, then the settings and awards are not reset.

What do you mean put it on top? I didnt uninstall previous version but just installed while I had the old one and then all my settings disappeared

Oh wait I have two browsers now! One’s the one I just installed Brave Browser and the other is Brave Browser beta

AfaIK, you can still verify on desktop brave even if you haven’t done the 25 bat, which will change to 15 bat and you’ll be able to use an existing uphold account to test the 25 (15) bat against…

meh… the original is beta? i know 0 about beta… I had downloaded it from here, so maybe I need to download and reinstall this?

This is the version of Brave
Version 1.24.86 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build) (arm64)

This is the version of Brave beta
Version 1.26.34 Chromium: 91.0.4472.57 (Official Build) beta (arm64)