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Limited Uphold account functionality

If you’re getting this message, it means you have not fully completed all the steps for KYC/AML that is required by Uphold. To know for certain what’s missing, you may need to contact Uphold directly. That said, the step often missing is what they call Liveness. This is a selfie picture that you have to take live, in the moment.

You can get to this either by trying to initiate a withdrawal from Uphold. It’s important to note you don’t actually have to complete the withdrawal, only pretend like you’re going to do it. Once this is done, it will ask for your picture. Or others have stated that simply installing the app on your phone and using it may end up notifying you of the need to submit another picture (selfie).

And yes, some say that even if you had submitted a picture once before, this is an additional one they want/need. Link to a post made from another User who experienced this issue is I cannot get verified using Uphold. The problem seem to be from Brave - #3 by firsttradingday

Another person sharing this solution is SOLUTION to "ERROR: Limited Uphold account functionality”

Also someone shared a screenshot of instructions from Uphold directly, so I’ll put that below: