Need 25 Bat to get verified on android (but already verified) + no ads and fund amount bug (mac)

Hi guy’s.

Using Brave since 2 years and despite i feel the idea of the product is awesome i start to get fed up of it.


First after one month of use at the beginning i didn’t get anymore ads on my Macbook. I was in Australia. Then moved to Thaïland and still not get any ads despite they had some ads available there.

I tried to delete Brave and install again, to ‘‘wake-up’’ notification system in the setting of my macbook, did all update, removed any other browser on it, setting up brave as first browser on the laptop, nothing. Not ads to watch. I still get few cents every months on my verified uphold wallet and not really know why. Now my balance on the reward tab show 2.750 BAT but when i arrive on my uphold wallet my balance is 0.


On my android phone there is no issue to see the ads. But i’am unable to move the fund, i need 25 BAT to get verified. But my phone and mac are sync together. And my Uphold wallet is KYC Verified. The current amount show on reward tab in the browser show 10 BAT. But of course the uphold balance remain at zero.

If anyone know something that would very cool :blush: not a lot of money but would to enjoy the product fully.

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