Computer and mobile accounts not synced?

I use Brave on three different devices: a desktop Mac, a laptop Mac, and an Android Phone. The amount of BAT rewards on both computers is the same, but I have a much higher amount on the mobile (which I happen to use less often).
Is this some Mac/Android compatibility/sync issue? Or could it be that the amount on my phone is not being transferred to my Uphold account?


Can you confirm whether or not the Android device is verified to the same Uphold account as your desktop/laptop wallet?

Thanks for you reply.
The Brave Rewards page says I have 14 BAT, but the triangle says I have 0. Just a few minutes ago, however, it also mentioned 14 BAT. And when I pressed “Verify Wallet”, it said I needed at least 25 BAT to verify. Now, the triangle says “Your Wallet” and nothing happens when I press it.
Hope this description is clear enough.

Can you please go to Menu --> Settings --> Brave Rewards and tell me if the BAT reflected there is accurate?

If you mean on the mobile, yes, that’s where I get the 14 BAT amount.

On both computers, however, I get a much smaller amount (also due to an unresolved issue - Bizarre BAT transfer from Uphold to BravePublishers - #3).

Right now the triangle is indicating 14 BAT again, and when I press “Verify Wallet” I’m getting that 25 BAT minimum requirement again.

In any case, it does seem that the accounts are not synced/connected.

The only thing that seems to be the issue, as far as I can see, is that your Android wallet is not yet verified – due to the 25BAT minimum. Note that shortly, we will be altering that particular requirement to only apply to users who do not have a pre-existing Uphold account. So when that change goes through, you should be able to login to the same Uphold you’re using for your other browser instances and link them, regardless of BAT in wallet.

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Thanks for your reply.
Do you have any idea why I can’t sync this with my other two Brave browsers? Is it because of some iOS/Android incompatability?


As I said previously:

There isn’t a compatibility issue between macOS and Android – you’re just not verified via Uphold on Android, and therefore your Android Rewards data is not linked to your Uphold – until it is, these balances will appear different.

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