Haven't received any ads since October

My balance is stuck at 23 bat and I cannot withdraw because it says minimum of 25 BAT to verify wallet even though I already have an uphold account. I need help with withdrawing my balance please.

Hello @gohaaron

make sure you update your browser the new version update the estimated bat with view the sponsor image so that will help you get the 25 bat for the first withdraw

hope that help and have a nice day

I am on the latest version and I have enabled sponsored images. But how can I verify wallet without having 25 BAT? Since I’m not receiving any ads.

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make sure you enable the sponsor image on the new tab page you will get see the estimated bat increase for view it and on the next month when you get paid you will get that 25 bat which will allow you to verify

and for the ads notifications that depend on how many advertiser in your country and each ads has max per day and another max which i do not know per what

also some ads would not show up unless you visit a site of the same category of the ads

hope that clear some of how ads work and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I have enabled everything

This has never happened before. Even on PC it’s even worse I get 0 ads as well… Why do u need to have 25 BAT to verify on Android when you don’t need to on PC just doesn’t make sense. I used to get ads all the time and I’m not the only person facing this issue. I don’t know if this is intentional or not. Can Brave just let us verify our uphold account without reaching 25 BAT? If PC can it should be the same for Android.

it’s the same rule for all platform pc / mac /ios/android but if you verify it once then it will not request that again

try to open more new tab till you get one that has sponosor image and notice if it update your estimated bats

But on PC you don’t need to have 25 BAT if you already have an existing uphold wallet. You can just login with ur uphold account. Not a very consistent implementation.

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Hi today on browser it asks to claim my BAT for November which I did and it showed my balance as 25.25 but when I verify my Uphold wallet there balance is still zero. Can you explain what is going on here? Thanks.

I have the same problem as well. My Brave Wallet has a few BAT but Uphold says I have 0 BAT.

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