MY rewards is gone

when i wake up today my earnings from one of my cpu is gone. now i have 0,12 when i had almost 4…

Hi @sonnyeriksson if you are referring to estimated BAT earnings, you’re not alone. There seems to be some technical issue as many are reporting on it. You can read some additional threads like this or here , and see if there’s anything you can troubleshoot, or just try to wait patiently for support to address it/ clear it up.

Didnt help at all :frowning: still same thing no bat…

Hi @sonnyeriksson, sorry it didn’t work for you. You can look around at threads similar to your issue - see what other tips they might offer - while you wait for Support to respond. I don’t know how long that might be but I’m sure it will happen. You can bump this topic every few days to keep it seen, too.

Edit: You could edit your original post and include more details, such as your OS, Brave version, etc. It will help Support :slight_smile:

Hi @sonnyeriksson there is a Brave update.

You sexy beast! Thx m8! Happy easter !

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Happy Easter to you! :rabbit:

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