All rewards vanished

Trying to contact someone at Brave but I guess a forum post is the only option. Anywho:

Been using Brave for a long time, since shortly after it released. In that time, I’d accumulated what came to be worth somewhere around $100 usd in BAT (I forget the exact BAT amount) — auto-contribute=off. When I went to check rewards today, it showed a 0 balance, but showed that I’m due up for what amounted to about $18 as my pending rewards to payout on Dec 5. Weird.

I then remembered I had recently hit to “update after closing the browser” (or something along those lines), so went ahead and did that and updated. Upon opening, it not only shows a $0 balance still, but now even shows that I have $0 rewards due to payout on Dec 5. Same browser, same laptop, same acct (and main page still shows the same amount of trackers/ads blocked, bandwidth saved, time saved, etc.

So… what gives? How do I get this back?

The first time they dumped all my BAT was a single contribution to GrubHub, they acknowledged the error, but support was a black hole on getting support. Then I had this happen a couple of months ago with an update (June July, I think). Synced the info back up to get the little I’d gained again, and gone after maybe 2 months. I hadn’t been seeing much of anything for rewards over the last couple months, now I check and it turns out they’ve re-acitivated my auto-contribute and I’m back to nothing. I think if you still believe in BAT you’re best holding it anywhere but their browser, as it appears likely to be ‘disappeared’ without much hope.